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The Motorola Moto Z Play (model number XT1635-02, XT1635-01 and XT1635-02) is a droid smartphone that was released in September 2016. The Moto Z Play can be easily distinguished by the word “moto” placed at the top and the square home button placed at the bottom of the front of the phone.

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Moto Z Play, replaced defective battery, phone no longer charging

The battery on my Moto Z Play expanded and started pushing the screen outwards.

I dis-assembled the phone and replaced the battery, but now the phone does not take a charge.

Tried using the USB cable and wireless charger moto mod, same issue.

Tried a second battery from another supplier, same problem. Not charging.

Tried factory reset, and charging at boot loader, didn’t help.

The phone works off the 20% charge that the replacement batteries came with, works when plugged in with cable.

Is there anything I’m missing? What could be the cause of the problem.

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did you ever fix this?

im having the same issue


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I am sure it has a charging ic and it sounds like it was damaged from the previous battery. It could have caused a short or it could have damaged the motherboard or possibly knocked parts off or loose from the motherboard. I would take it to a repair shop for an estimate.

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