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Recently I encountered a problem connecting my RC to my mobile phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. I tried to change cables and even changed the phone but nothing worked for me.

I live in Gaza, Gaza Strip, Israel and as you may know this location is under blockade and I could NOT send my RC to a DJI certified repair shop no matter how much I try. Now I'm trying to fix the RC myself with a help of a technician friend of mine but we need the logic board diagram for the RC to make thia possible.

I know that this will void the warranty, but I'm in Gaza Strip a near war zone and I can't send it for repair and I have no choice but to repair it here inside Gaza with a help of my friend that kinda found the problem but he needs the diagram for that.

I know that these documents are for the technical engineers only that are certified to repair such devices but I have no other way to send it to one so there must be an exception for such cases.

Could you please propose a solution to my problem but me going out to a repair store in Israel because I really can't.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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