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At 60mph I get a wabbleing feel in the front end .

At 60mph my front end of my truck has a wabbleing feeling to the whole truck. It's not the tires cause it doesn't effect my steering at all, it's the only thing that doesn't shake . What can possibly cause this problem I am lost!!! It's a 1994 t-100 DX one ton

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Charles Jones just because it does not affect your steering does not mean this could not be the tires. I’d definitely start by checking them and have them balanced. Then re-evaluate the wobbling. The other reasons for that can be

Front wheel shimmy

1. Tires (Worn or improperly inflated)

2. Wheels (Out of balance)

3. Shock absorber (Worn out)

4. Wheel alignment (Incorrect)

5. Ball joints (Worn)

6. Hub bearings (Loosen or worn)

7. Steering linkage (Loosen or worn)

8. Steering gear (Out of adjustment or broken)

For a deep dive into your suspension use this T100-suspension.pdf

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