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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of Android tablets.

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display frame (near the home button) is detached

I have noticed that the display frame of my note 10.1 2014 ed  is detached (I can see it o  the home button .Is not very mutch maybe a millimeter (I can put my fingernail inside) but if I push it down that remains down and everything it seems “normal”.I must say that touch,home button and all the other functions works well so I have not any problems.After a wile  the “problem of the display frame came again back,i push it down and so  on…

This is my question (why I’m not a repairing technique  of Tablets.

1) How  be sure that the problem is not the battery (when the battery inflates)? The only thing  I can tel u that I used accubattery (  and the software tells me that the battery is 7800 mHa ,I used olso phone info and the battery seems to  b ok  and lso a “android code” so I think,but I’m not sure and this is why I’m asking you HELP  that the problem maybe is only that the glue of the display is coming off.

 What do u think? Can u suggest me something as ..I software for android so I can be mutch sure as 100% that is not the battery? Do u think taht the problem is the glue coming off?If is only the glue I think I will not pay to mutch to send It and repair it but if is the battery…the I think will be olso dangeous to keep the tablet near me (it can explode)



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Try to MMI Test your Note using this Code *#0*#

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ok i did that test *#0*# and everything works is that for undestanding that is not the battery?As I wrote everythng workt I only neade to be sure is not the battery ifnot the risk is tht the tablet will explose (the battery will explose)


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