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14" Chromebook manufactured by HP.

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My hp notebook computer can not completely boot beyond the logo appear

after doing a dual installation of windows10 and Ubuntu 18.04 operating systems on my notebook, the windows operating system has stopped working. when i select the windows OS at boot up the message'“ windows automatic repairs “ shows up and the process does not go beyond this level. when i try to re install windows 10 on the notebook, the process begins but the machine does not identify any hard drive and so i am hooked up. please i need help.

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have you installed both the operating systems in the same drive without creating partition


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It’s possible that if you haven’t created partitions that some Windows files have been either over written or corrupted. Wipe the drive clean, partition it for each OS then install them again to the relevant partitions.

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Here is a web article that gives a pretty complete rundown of how to do that correctly.

It sounds like you have damaged the UEFI boot for your windows. You will probably need to restore/reinstall win10 from either external media or from repair partition if your machine has a repair partition (most do that I’ve seen recently). If you have to reinstall windows and you also have important information on the machine you will need to get the information off of the HDD with a rescue bootable CD of some type (live linux cd most likely). Hope you have another device to research needed steps on the web in that case.

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