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Repair guides and support for cars and SUVs designed by Scion, a brand of Toyota.

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Changed my battery in 2007 Scion alarm won’t turn off

So drive the car to work battery was shot bought a new one changed it when I hooked up new battery alarm went crazy tried to turn off with key fob won’t turn off put key in to start car no power no lights only thing works is alarm and headlights worked fine before I swapped out battery it’s like it’s stuck in theft mode or something any help would be great thank u once again it’s a 2007 Scion tC

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I know it's a long shot getting a response but how did you get it out of theft mode?


I have the same problem. 2006 scion tc .

Battery went bad while parked for a few days. I got another battery put it in and the alarm went off. I tried lock, unlock and they worked but the horn kept going off and the instrument cluster kept flashing. I tried to start it and it didn't start,(no crank ). Mean while the still flashing and beeping. I think my security system it's preventing me from starting it. I tried turning the key on and off a few times, lock the doors from inside start it, from inside while battery it's disconnected, connectthe battery while the key it's in the on position etc etc. Help Help please! Any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciated.!


Did you ever get an answer to this, I’m stuck in the same situation right now but my doors won’t unlock or lock with the key fob either.


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this usually happens when the security guard was active when the previous battery was removed or drained. now the car security program think someone is tempering with that car battery to get in. it’s probably stuck in a loop or just stuck on the actually wheels

try pressing the horn for couple of times if that didn’t work

open the bonnet and look for the fuse box and try to located a fuse named horn remove it and place it back that should shut the horn down and reset it

if you don't know where your fuse box it check your physical manual or online and if you still can’t find the fuse box . look towards the AC fan in front the horns should be around there be careful with your hands try cutting one of the horn wire it can be easily re-attached

if you can’t seem to do that look for where the cable linked back and should almost be parallel to each other at some point because they’re circuit from same section. now try wrapping them together with a tape or something they should stop after touching each other

hope this help


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I had the same issue with my scion xb 2013. Long story short alarm went off lights flashed horn honked yada yada. Same as this guy. So now I had someone disconnect the alarm system due to the mechanic thinking it was after market and same with everyone I talked to about this. That worked car starts but…. Now my horn doesn’t work I have no clue what the f…. To do any help would be appreciated thanks


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