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Repair guides for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A series of tablets. Released in 2015.

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Forget pattern on samsung tablet

How to unlock my tablet not knowing the pattern

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You will need to factory reset the tablet which will mean data is wiped on the tablet.

In order to do this you turn off the tablet, you most likely won’t be able to as it asks for a pattern on turn off most of the time.

So hold power + volume down + home instead until the tablet turns off then quickly switch to holding power + volume up + home, you release the power button but keep holding the rest when the white samsung text appears on screen.

Release all keys when you see the other image / text displaying instead of the white samsung logo. Give it a bit for the recovery menu to boot.

It may say no command / command error. You need to press and hold a combination of keys to unhide the recovery menu, if I remember correctly its volume up / down and power or holding vol down + power and press volume up when holding both keys.

Once you got the menu appeared use volume up and down to navigate the recovery menu. Power button to select a highlighted item.

You will need to do wipe data / factory reset first then reboot device in the recovery menu.

Once that’s done let the tablet boot it may take like 5 minutes or more on first boot after wipe. Follow the installation wizard prompts.

If you also forgot your Google Account login details for that device then you’ll need to either go through the recovery steps on google to reset password if you remember google email but not password or search up on Youtube ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab A google account bypass” and follow the guides.

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