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Modello A1502 con processore Intel dual core da 2,4, 2,6 o 2,8 GHz. Sul mercato dall'ottobre 2013.

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MacBook Pro A1502 does not power up!

A costumer of mine brings me a this Macbook Pro 13” late 2013 A1502, and told me that the MBP was working fine, and the the screen shuts-down, and that he could feel the inside fan working.

When I get the MBP the first thing I do was connect the MagSafe and the MBP powers up by it self, with 1% of battery charge.

Then, I start cheking everything in his MacOS and suddenly the screen went black, but the fan was working.

First thing I do: Reset PVRAM and SMC, the MBP continues to do the same thing (Powers Up OK, and while doing anything the screen goes black)

Then I remove the back lid and disconnect the battery, and the problem persist.

I leave the battery and the MagSafe connected for a while with the MBP off, hoping for the battery to charge a little more, but then, when I try to power it on again, it died, THE MBP DOES NOTHING, the MagSafe Led works fine(even when reseting SMC)

I remove the logic board and had a close look, it was a little contaminated so I clean it up.

The Macbook Pro stills DEAD, could I have some HELP here PLEASE!

Thank you!

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i have one question

when it starts does it beep 3 times?[br]



it´s dead, it does nothing, and the logic board has voltage, I reset the SMC manually in the board and the led changes colors OK, but it does nothing. I also short the logic board in the power-up contacts but stills the same.


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Clearly the logic board has a problem.

The question is how far do you want to go to fix it?

The easiest way is to just replace it. Otherwise, you’ll need to get ahold of the schematics and board views for this logic board and using a DVM trace out the power lines. Even then you’ll likely need to replace a SMT component or chip are you able to get the needed parts and have the needed tools? If it’s the CPU its self it would be time the throw in the towel.

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I have the tools, and a time, i found a very bad looking resistance, under the CPU in the GPU part, and as the first problem was the loose of video signal I took the risk and remove it, the problem persist (of course), but right now I´m looking for a similar component to make the change, it´s a very small component, but its the only thing that can be seen in bad shape, the board have voltage allover, this a brain-breaking problem ;)


@annielservitec - Have you watched any of Louis Rossmann's YouTube vids? See if you can find a few that cover how he diagnoses dead boards.


@danj Thank you for your help! I watch the videos you told me and I found a bad capacitor and a bad resitance, changed and the problem is FIXED!!!!


Happy to hear it all worked out!


Hello @danj ,You can give me the references for the repair, I have the same problem, thank you


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