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Stuck in "headphones", one speaker muted otherwise


This problem is strangly repeating on on the second iPad I had (first one was Mini 1). For no particular reason, no changes in software, absolutely no physical influence, iPad starts to think the headphones are connected (but they are NOT). I clean the jack - no changes. Do a hard reset - no luck. Than cleaning Lightning port and doing a hard reset again somehow kicks it and the sound appears but usually one of the speakers doesn’t work properly, it’s MUCH quiter so the sound is terrible.

What is that? How to fix that disgraceful for a premium device of that cost issue? I’m really upset

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When the device believes it is in headphone mode, even without headphones connected, it is usually because one of the spring loaded contacts is permanently”pushed in”. This could be from physical damage or just gunk/dirt that makes it jam into position. Have you tried cleaning the jack with a fine point cotton swab and some IPA or are you just removing lint etc.?

The other option is to replace the headphone port.

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I definately did, I described it. Jack seems to have no ifluence, i suspect the Lightning port has. I have cleaned it too, but the contacts look absolutely flawless


Well, you said you cleaned it, not how you cleaned it...that makes a big difference. Some people just blow out the port and call it cleaned :>).

On the iPad mini, the headphone jack doesn't go through the lightning port, it connects directly to the logic board. Each iPad is somewhat different and you don't say what model the second one is but that's generally how they work.


I used fine cotton wrapped over a thin wood toothpick. At first attemt it was dry, that with a drop of 98% ethanol (I always use it for electronics, works fine).


Alright, that's good. That doesn't mean you don't have a potential problem with the headphone port though. If the pins are jammed inside, you will have the same symptoms. Seeing as how the iPad is more of a pain to open up, you could try pushing against the spring loaded pins inside while looking closely with a loupe or other from of magnification. If they aren't springy, that would confirm it. However, even springy pins wouldn't mean that the port is fine. Ultimately, you will probably have to open up the ipad and try a replacement headphone port.


I have Mini which is disassambled because of the same problem. And nope, the headphone jack is clean.

So... There's something else :\


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I think you might have a liquid damage you didn’t even notice happened

for your speaker to suddenly reduce in sound and the 3.5 mm headphone jack acting up it’s water damage bruv

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