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The TDK Life on Record A33 is a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. It was released in 2012 and is now discontinued.

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MacBookPro connecting to bluetooth and telephone at the same time.

I was trying to use my TDK A33 today with my 2014 MacbookPro and the sound was being muffled. My computer was connecting to the bluetooth, but the telephone button was turning on and connecting at the same time and the sound was getting really distorted. I tried repairing with bluetooth and not the telephone, resetting the TDK bluetooth options, and tried restarting my MacbookPro, but nothing has worked so far. When I connect to other devices both my MacbookPro and TDK A33 work fine however. Please help.

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By chance did you link up your phone as well as the MacBook to your speaker?


I did connect my phone to the speaker, but i thought of that and made sure to disconnect and forget the connection from my phone.


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Did you try resetting the speaker? While the connection to the phone was severed the speaker may still think its active.

I would check the volume levels within both the Mac & speaker. Try lowering the Mac’s volume to about 1/3 as well as the speakers.

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Yeah I did reset the speaker to see if that solved the problem, but it still was connecting to bluetooth and then turning the phone button on automatically.

The volume is still working fine, what's off now is the sound quality, it's a lot worse than it was two days ago when everything was working perfectly. Also I connected my speaker to two other devices, my phone and another MacbookPro to check and see if it was the speaker having issues with them, but the sound quality was back as it should be when i played the same song through them.

It looks like the issue is only happening when my MacbookPro connects to the speaker.


How far is the speaker from your MacBook Pro? Less than 12 feet.

Bluetooth signal is not likely to be bad audiowise. You are sure other speakers are working with your system.


Yes. The speaker is less than a foot from my MacBook Pro. I haven't tried my Mac with other speakers, but I have used Airpods and the sound has been fine through them.


Well what can I say if your Airpods are working then that proves your systems Bluetooth is OK. I think you’ll need to talk with TDK as I have no answer for you. Sorry


Okay! I'll try and contact them. Thanks for trying to help me out. I appreciate it!


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