Can you fix the LED and water resitant seal?

Hi, thank you for your website and support information. I was wondering if you can fix the LED of my 360fly 4k? I sent my camera to 360fly HQ because my camera was charging overnight with green light on (as usual) but suddenly began to vibrate on its own, and green light went off…Then tried to turn it on but the LED never lit on.. here was the response I got from 360fly team: “The good news I was able to charge the camera and get it working, the bad news is that the LED light is malfunctioning in a way that is usually consistent with minor water damage or salt/mineral deposits. Your camera will work, for now, but the damage inside is not repairable. If you use this unit in/around water, you will need to have it inside a waterproof housing to prevent further damage.”

I’ve never submerged the camera in any depth of fresh or salt water, I use it for sailing, therefore I rinse it with tap water… should be no reason to break the water resistant seal…

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