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Lo smartwatch Apple di terza generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 22 settembre 2017

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Restore Apple Watch (v.3) & Remove Store Demo / Retail Mode?

How to Restore Apple Watch (v.3) & Remove Store Demo / Retail Mode?

How to I access and use Genuine Apple Firmware?

Where to get / make am Apple Restore Tool?

Also any information for Apple Watch versions 0/1 and version 2 would be appreciated too.

Thank you!.

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Apple Store & authorized resellers demo watches are locked down and Apple is the only ones which can clear the firmware. If you bought the watch at a store closing auction take your paperwork and watch to the Apple Store to see if they can send it in to be cleared.

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Posting for those that stumble upon this: I was able to reset a series 6 in retail/demo mode by triple tapping the “passcode” option in the settings app with two fingers (tap both fingers at the same time). Doing so opens a secret menu in which a factory reset can be performed.

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When I press reset content and settings it just gets me back to the secret menu can you please help me


Same here keeps installing demo mode


I’m considering buying one in demo mode, researching to see if it’s possible to bypass it. Did anyone here got this method to work, recently? Thank you…


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