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Released during the previous decade, the Toshiba Satellite C650D’s most distinguishing features are its black, textured casing and its keyboard, which includes a number pad.

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Can Toshiba Satellite L840 boot without internal HDD?

Just a quick question, can this computer boot without an internal hard disk?

If so does BIOS work and can I boot from an external hard disk?

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Almost all laptops can boot without the internal hard drive, but only to the BIOS - there is nothing else you will be able to do.

You cannot boot from an external drive per se, you can have a Windows Installation Medium installed on that drive (but this will only work if there is an internal hard drive - the point of the installation media is to get Windows insalled on that PC) or you can create a Linux Live USB key from which you will be able to boot.

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Thanks, however, I have ruled out the fact that the graphics card is dead since it boots up fine but the LCD does not turn on (from indicator lights)

Is there a solution to get a visual of what I'm doing from an external device when booting up? (this computer has a VGA and HDMI output)


I'm not entirely sure - all I know is that you can only see the BIOS menu and the start up screens on the main monitor, only after logging in will the computer detect the new output.

What you can try to do is shining a flashlight onto the screen, if you can barely see the content it means that only the backlight failed which isn't that bad.


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