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Released during the previous decade, the Toshiba Satellite C650D’s most distinguishing features are its black, textured casing and its keyboard, which includes a number pad.

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Toshiba Satellite L840 boot from external disk without internal HDD

Note: The laptop I need assistance for is an L840, not the computer chosen above.

This may be a unique case, however, this computer was salvaged from a recycling bin for electronic parts. The previous owner (I'm assuming) has taken out the battery and HDD on the computer.

Thus, when I try to power on this laptop up, it refuses to boot up. The screen is blank, after 5 seconds or so after I turn it on the fan will blast at full speed, and the air released is moderately warm.

What I am trying to attempt is to boot the laptop from an external hard drive. However, I have yet to rule out if the computer even works in the first place.

Can someone help me find out if the computer works, and if I can even boot this computer from an external disk without the HDD?

Link (picture of internal)

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when you start up the laptop it shows the toshiba logo????


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First of all, is there any RAM in the computer? If not, this could be the cause. If there is then you should get a BIOS splash screen at the very least without a hard disk or battery (assuming it's plugged in, of course!)

Though not conclusive, the fact that the fan runs would seem to indicate there is still some life in the old bird, as the fan is firmware controlled. On the other hand no display and not even any beeps isn't a good sign. If it is beeping, google for toshiba satellite beep codes to decode them. (No RAM found often results in a beep code.)

The other thing to try is to take out the motherboard and look for signs of spillage. If anything looks suspicious, clean it up with isopropyl alcohol. And while you're there, look for loose cable connectors, in particular the display cable. I worked on one laptop where it was partially disconnected at the LCD panel end. Oh, and try an external monitor. Does that show a splash screen?

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