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Released in 2011, the Lenovo B575-1450 has a 15.6 inch screen with a 320GB hard drive, and comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

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Replaced my hard disk drive

I had to replace my hard drive that was a seagate SSD 256GB. The new SSD is raw, no operating system, (My old drive was running Windows 7). I do not have recovery disk or the Windows 7 disk, How do I get windows and install it on my new drive, When I turn the lap top on it's looking for the "Bootmgr".

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Depending on what version of Windows you want, there are different ways of getting it installed. I would suggest getting a Windows 10 license and installing it, as it's a more modern OS (not to mention it's the newest) and far more secure than Windows 7. Microsoft even has a free tool that lets you create a bootable media to install W10 and a compelling artice about how that's done:

This article here from WikiHow is about installing Windows 7:

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yeap, we did ;)


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You need another computer, so you be able to download a windows ISO file, here is the Download Link for Windows 10

Then, with any utility you can make that iso boot-able from any USB drive, I use RUFUS app to do it.

here is the Rufus download link

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@annielservitec looks like we posted an answer at the same time :))


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Are you able to get into Windows with the old SSD in the computer? If so, then you can do a backup on the old drive; then power down, swap drives, and boot the computer with the backup software's emergency boot disk; then do a restore to the new SSD. Once you are in Windows, make sure TRIM is active on the new SSD, and you're good to go.

If you can't get into Windows with the old SSD, perhaps you could put it in another computer as the secondary drive, then do a backup of it. Once you have a good backup of the old drive, you can restore the backup to the new drive.

Macrium Reflect Free is good backup software. You'll need an external hard drive to save the backup to; and don't forget to make the Macrium emergency boot disk (It isn't called an "emergency boot disk", but I can't remember what they call it; it allows you to boot into Macrium when the hard drive is blank.)

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