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Error 4013 during restore

So these people brought me an iPhone 7 Plus to replace the screen on, due to it being shattered. The son attempted to fix it first and ended up cutting the cables in the new screen, so I ordered them another one.

The repair process went fine, I turned it on and went through the setup, but there was an iCloud. They said that was no big deal and they'd get the information and set it up themselves. About an hour or so later, I got a text saying the phone was stuck in a bootloop. I told them to do a reset on it (Power button + Vol Down button) and then connect it to iTunes and restore it.

About a month went by and I got another text from them saying that iTunes never recognized it and they'd just been using her old iPhone 6 while trying to get help from Apple. They asked if I could try figuring it out, so I agreed.

I couldn't get itunes to recognize on either of my computers either. iTunes on my PC running Windows 7 won't even launch iTunes anymore. My laptop had Windows 10 on it and it wouldn't download any of the drivers for the phone. I finally decided to downgrade my laptop to Windows 7 and iTunes then FINALLY recognized it.

I got the update downloaded and started restoring it. I got to the set up and (yet again) asked for the iCloud information, so I sent her a text about it and then disconnected the iPhone 7 to try restoring an iPhone 6 I had. Well the iPhone 7 then went BACK into the bootloop. She sent me the iCloud information, but now every time I try to restore it, it "extracts the software", reboots the phone (I hear the first disconnect sound when the phone restarts, then another disconnect sound after the bootscreen, but before the progress bar) and then I get the 4013 error.

Why is it that at 3:00, It (seemingly) restored just fine, but at 4 (and for the past 2 hours), I can't get passed the 4013 error? Anyone have any ideas on this? I know 4013 is a pretty broad error that encompasses many things and that the bootloop can be caused by multiple things. Is there a way to narrow it down?

I usually focus on hardware and am not too prevy on least not when it comes to Apple. Thanks in advance.

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Just an update for those who may have a similar issue after a screen repair: My issue turned out to be a defective camera OF ALL THINGS! I never would’ve suspected a bad camera to cause this sort of issue, but after I unplugged it, everything (aside from the camera, obviously) worked 100%.

Hindsight is 20/20 and it really should’ve been one of the first things I tried, but again, I never suspected it as the cause.

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Hey Zuckerton

The 4013 that iTunes displays is an error on the connection. Meaning the connection between the phone to the computer is failing. Check the type of cable you are using, I always use genuine Apple cables for restores because they allow the most power and faster data transfers. Especially if you are messing with an iPhone 7 you need a dedicated connection. Please make sure the cables from the LCD panel inside the phone is securely snapped into the Logic Board as this can cause the iPhone not to behave correctly since parts are not readable.

I also do believe the iCloud information the phone is asking is required for the completion of the iOS restore. Apple built in security measures that require things such as the iCloud and the secure restore so that no one just finds the phone restores it and calls it their's.

As far as the computer not recognizing the device itself when its being restored that is a contributor to the 4013 error iTunes shows you. You can try to put the iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode if necessary to re-attempt the restore of the iOS.

Good Luck!

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I took it to a co-worker of mine (I work at a place that repairs Apple devices, but I work on Macbooks) and after going through the reboot process on a few different computers, we were finally able to restore it.

I entered in the iCloud information I was given and it was correct. I set I up as a new phone, turned it off and on a few times and it seemed to work well. Then a few hours later, I went to Lunch and when I powered it on, it was back in a bootloop.

I would like to think any hardware issues that cause a bootloop would cause it all the time, so I'm hoping there was just an issue with the restore file.


It could be lack of power, which would be related to the battery connection and the Logic Board


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