AOC 4k 32" Monitor vertical broad backlight bars,general overexposure

Started a week ago about..that my 4K srgb compliant AOC Q3277 started having massive vertical bars across the screen of backlight bleed on top of these issues i have horizontal lines/bars extending from bright areas of windows on screen across the desktop , a massive light bleed on the top right quadrant and a smudgy kind of distortion in that area. Also it now can not detect DP connection to my laptop which worked flawlessly before even when hot swapping the cable between desktop and laptop. I changed the cable to a new HDMI cable which works on both systems but has the same issues as described originally. So no cable problem.

The problem occurs after operation of 20+ minutes and remains, its gets so bad that the entire screen looks overexposed no matter what u try to do to fix it and i tried literally everything i also hooked it up to my laptop to check and it starts doing it there too.

the problem is also visible in BIOS screen before any drivers are loaded.

The problem occured just like that and i think operation heat makes it worse. The screen is built Dec 2016 and worked for me from summer 2017 to now just fine. There was no sign of degradation over time. The image just broke without any event connected to it. This is a hardware issue or what do you think, and if it is what component might be faulty?

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