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Modelli MacBook Pro con display da 13"

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battery won't show up in status bar, no battery detected

Fan won't stop spinning, battery won't show up in status bar, when I try to turn it on in energy saver, it uncheck itself.

When I use CoconutBattery, it shows:

  • Full Charge Capacity is : NaN
  • Design Capacity is : NaN
  • Power adapter: Not connected

If I disconnect the power, the laptop will shut off

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Can you tell us your exact model so we can guide you on what battery you'll need as well as the guide to follow.

Take a look here: EveryMac - MacBook Pro listing pick your system and tell us which.


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You need a new battery as the sensor unit within the battery is bad and likely the battery is in need of replacing anyways because of age.

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For the fans that keep spinning, look in the CPU section of the Activity Monitor application to see if a power intensive application is running.

For the battery. download Coconut Battery to view the status of the battery. If you take out the power adapter out of the Macbook Pro and it instantly powers off, the battery most likely needs to be replaced.

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As long as u didn't damaged anything by urselfe u coud replace the battery. But if spil damage or similar happened, then u need to repair ur battery circuit, since this is related to all this functions.

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