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Fingerprint scanner stopped working but home button still working

Hi guys, the taptic feedback engine and the fingerprint scanner of my partners phone have stopped working however the home button still works for navigation and all other features. When I go into the settings to add a new fingerprint it doesn't tell me that it failed but does tell me that I've pressed the home button too hard and does not allow me to add a new fingerprint. Any ideas, I am aware that I cannot replace the home button

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This can happen due to a few reasons:

- Liquid got onto the home button and has seeped under the home button causing liquid damage to the fingerprint sensor of the home button and/or the home button connector.

- After a screen replacement, the home button ribbon got damaged during removal when transfering to the replacement screen.

- Software bug, if this is the case a restore via iTunes would fix this. Note that it'll wipe all data on phone so make an backup via iTunes for example.

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I believe it has gotten water into it, do you think I'll be able to clean the home button and restore the fingerprint scanner


In some cases yes, but if the liquid damage is more serere where the pins have gotten black / corroded it may need resoldering and/or screen being replaced.

Worst case scenario is a replacement home button required resulting in no TouchID / fingerprint functionality as only the home button that came with the phone will have working touch ID.

What I use is cotton swabs and/or a brush with 99% isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Ethanol works too. Use it sparingly as you don't want it to seep into the layers of the screen.


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Not sure how to reboot to get fingerprint to work?

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