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Xiaomi/EUNI ES808 Foldable scooter/step speed limit?

Hi community,

Is there a possibility to change the 20km/h limit to a bit higher on the Xiaomi EUNI ES808 scooter? Since it is a bit slower then i thought.

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I think 20 km per hour limit is very good compared to other electric scooters. you will get rarely few scooters with more speed than 20km/h in the market. You can check here some new models features


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There is an application hovering google (for android) that allows you to modify power values. With this application you can flash a firmware that modifies the serial values, such as giving it a little more power when starting the march or increasing the speed limit.

Keep in mind that this affects the battery life and the durability of the engine.

I do not remember the name and now I can not provide it, but when it is not busy I will look for it and publish the link.

Anyway, maybe looking a bit for google find it.


Here is the information, it is in Spanish, but google translate will help and is not complicated.

Be careful and carefully read the warnings, since there are different models with different options.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Thank you so much for your reply! If you happen to know the app name, it would help a lot!



From what I see, there is the option to modify a "fuse" to improve (say a lot) the performance, but this I see unnecessarily complicated or dangerous compared to the advantages of the application. I have only tried one improved with the application, but not "mechanically". Anyway, there's always time for everything, it's quite interesting.


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You could with some Electronic mind put in a faster brush/brushless motor and put in upgraded batteries to perform better, but that would be called “Modding”. You’ll need:

-Electronic experience

-Soldiering experience

-A bit of safety

-New Motor depending on Max Current that the motor can take.

-New battery pack for more distance riding.

Yes it is possible :D

Love this question!

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Hey, i’m currently talking to a company in China which makes replacement batteries for Xiaomi scooters, and they have a larger model i’m gonna order. But they also said the firmware on the scooter is limiting the speed hardcap. If there’s a possibility i can modify the firmware/if i know how to, i could manage to get it up to 32km/h (i wanna stick it to 25 for safety reasons), so i’ll wait on the other Guy that answered

Thank you so much :)


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