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Numero modello A1707. Rilasciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro adotta processori Kaby Lake fino a Intel Core i7 quad core da 2,8 GHz con Turbo boost fino a 3,8 GHz.

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Broke "sticker" in the butterfly keyboard while cleaning. What is it?

The J key stopped working on my MacBook pro as it did many times in the past. I initially set the MacBook on its side and sprayed the keyboard with compressed air. No dice.

I took off the keycap by inserting a bit of plastic at the top and being careful not to break it. I once again set the MacBook on its side and started spraying air.

I probably got a bit too eager with it, because this little bit of what looks like a black sticker came flying off.

I picked up the sticker and haphazardly put it back where it was. The key still skips a few beats, but it works better than before. However I'd like to understand whether I should be worried about this broken bit.

The J key with the (black) broken sticker at the top

Comparison with a "healthy" G key (compare the left and right corners of the sticker)

What is this thing? Is it critical to the function of the keyboard?

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Since Apple is offering to replace your keyboard at no cost to you I would schedule a Genius appointment and have it replaced.

Also, keep mum about your self-repair exploits. Just tell them you're having problems with the keys.

I expect the black bit is designed to prevent key rattle between the key cap and the butterfly mechanism. I realize that doesn't necessarily answer your question about the little sticky bit, but it does solve your problem.

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Hey Craig, thanks for taking the time to answer. Good to know about the program, I’ll keep that in mind for when my keyboard malfunction as I probably only get one free repair and this thing is fragile (keys stopped working so many times before!)

For now the keyboard works well enough, I was just trying to find out if this bit I broke is critical or important.

I was planning to pop into the Apple store and coyly ask them if they know what it is. Hopefully they won’t have a chance to mark me as someone who messes with the stuff.



Even if the keycap fell off they are replacing the keycaps as well under this program as well.


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I ran i ti the same issue and with the help if these glue dots right from target and an exacto knife has done the job!!

Scotch Create adhesive dots clear ultra thin (permanent) had a picture of a porcelain fox with polka dots on the front

Block Image

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