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500 series DSLR camera developed by Nikon. Released in February, 2011.

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My Nikon B500 won't turn on!

My Nikon b500 won't turn on. The lens moves 1mm out when I press the "on/off" button, I have had the camera for about 4 months and it was working fine but now this? the screen doesn't even turn on. I paid so much money for this. The Lens moves a tad but the screen doesn't turn on.

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Yes, my camera is rather old already, having been purchased around 2013. But it’s been very well taken care of - spending 95% of its life in a protective camera bag. I also avoided wet environments, and purchased a waterproof Olympus for those times I’m around water. Around 3 months ago, my Nikon started giving me grief but prematurely shutting off or not even turning on. I thought it was a battery charge issue but that wasn’t it. I also checked the firmware, and have the latest 1.1 that Nikon supplies. I then went into the Menu and shut off the Charge by Camera option as I only want this run while using batteries. Still nothing. There is nothing loose when I vigorously shake the camera. It’s a real mind bender as you can’t troubleshoot what you can’t turn on!


I’m scared my camera won’t work and idk what to tell my mom


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Hi @k_gametech ,

Nikon provides a 12 month limited manufacturer’s warranty on their products, (depending on your location).

I suggest that you verify the purchase date of the camera and if the warranty period is still valid, consult the warranty statement for your location, (usually found in the User Manual that came with the camera or search online) as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’as warranty statement for the USA which shows the provisions of the warranty

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