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The HP Pavilion model dv7-4285dx is a notebook PC produced by HP.

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My HP DV7 does not want to switch on after I applied Colgate on the pr

I applied Colgate on my CPU while I was cleaning my motherboard with spirit.

Now the laptop doesn't want to switch on after the Colgate saga. Is the process reversible?

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So you used toothpaste instead of thermal paste? Why did you do that!


@danj probably because of a parody tutorial that didn't make it clear that it was a joke. :/


Rachel - You never know ;-}

People do the strangest things!


Hi @adotdolla

Oh dear.... colgate is no go........ get arctic silver thermal paste, etc....

so what is happening now? have power and no screen?

suggest you to clean up those colgate toothpaste and use proper thermal paste....

clean up and see how.

hopefully it does not short or damage your laptop.


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Sounds like the damage has been done. However, now that the damage has been done, it wouldn't hurt to clean the CPU (and the heat sink) and see if that fixes the problem.

Get some Arctic Silver ArctiClean to clean the CPU and heat sink:

Arctic Silver ArctiClean

Then get some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and use it to affix your heat sink to the CPU:

[prodotto collegato mancante o disabilitato: IF179-010]

Immagine Arctic Silver ArctiClean


Arctic Silver ArctiClean


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