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Processore dual core Intel Core i5 da 2,6 GHz (3,2 GHz con Turbo Boost) con 3 MB di cache L3. Lanciato il 13 febbraio 2013

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Upgrade original SSD to Samsung 970 Pro M.2 drive 256GB


I have a MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Early 2013 with the original SSD drive it came with.

I would like to upgrade to the much faster Samsung 970 Pro M.2 drive 256 GB or something similar. But, I can't find out if its possible or how to do it.

Hope someone got an answer for me.

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There’s more to it than sliding in a M.2 SSD into a Mac system.

Apple uses a proprietary blade interface so you can’t use a M.2 drive. I would recommend sticking with either one of the custom Apple drives listed here The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs jump down to Generation 2 section. Or, go with either one of the third party drives made by OWC to Transcend

Last issue here is you can’t use the faster PCIe/NVMe drives as the systems interface is only SATA based.

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I went with a Transcend internal SSD and it was a very simple swap.

They also included a hard shell with a USB output so I can use the old SSD as a thumb drive (big thumb drive)! I love this set up.

Now that I ran out of storage again I had the same question; so I went with the

Samsung X5 Portable SSD - 500GB - Thunderbolt 3 External SSD (MU-PB500B/AM) Gray/Red

I had no idea I was a storage hogg


Not enough capacity. 960GB is too small for me.


@Jim Breef - The newer MacBook Pro's (2014 & 2015) offer a PCIe/NVMe unlike this series which is only mSATA. You'll need to get a newer system then you can use a 2 TB drive!


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You can upgrade MacBook 2013/2014 with NVME drive (sort of) but you’ll meet few problems after that.

First of all you have to upgrade your MacBook EFI by installing High Sierra, then you can attach NVME drive with adapter and it should be recognizable.

Problems you might have:

  • Long time before boot (even if disk is set as bootdrive)
  • Finder shows it as external
  • Random freezes or restarts after hibernation

Your only option is to use SM951 AHCI (PCIe/mSATA instead of PCIe/NVMe) drive - MZHPV128/256/512 This one works as it should.

MacBook Pro/Air 2015 has no problem with M.2 PCIe/NVMe drives and you can upgrade it safe and works great ;)

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Most of these adapters create excessive CRC errors as such I really don't recommend them. I've had to replace quite a few with the correct drives as they tend to wear out from the excessive writes.



now in 2019, is there a solution (a certain adapter that will work, etc) to upgrading ssd to the newer 970 evo pro or 970 evo plus in 2014 3.0 i7 macbok pro retina? or do u have a recommendation on another compatible ssd that is equal in speed and specs as the 970’s?



I still don't recommend using these adapters and M.2 drives.

In fact the newer Samsung 970 EVO plus has been having more issues in MacBook Pro's. This is all related to the differences of Apple's interface Vs the M.2 interface.

The assumption most have is the timing of the two interfaces is the same so the drives are interchangeable. Sadly thats just not true! While they are similar they are not the same.

Stick with a real Apple SSD or go with either OWC or Transcend there SSD's are matched to the interface unlike the M.2 drives.


Load of crap, there's no issues with the 970 evo plus providing you use the Sintech adaptor, other brand adaptors have quality and interface issues.


Right Mal Gee. I used to use OWC in a 2015 MacBook Pro. First one failed after 3 years and OWC replaced it gratis, however, that one failed this year and OWC said the warranty was from the date of the original purchase. Price difference between EVO 860 1TB and 1TB OWC was > $100 so I searched for an adapter and found Sintech. Bought it for $17 and bought the EVO 860 1TB. No issues from start to right now. I'd spend the bucks on a 2TB EVO 970 to get additional disk space on my MacBook.


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Hi All, I'm trying to install a new ssd using an adaptor on a 970 Evo NVme m.2 500GB SSD to my macbook air 11 (early 2015), the disk utility did not detect the new SSD drive after I attached to it. I'm not sure what is the problem. I'm currently using OS X Catalina on my mac. Anyone can help?

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get an external NVMe enclosure and initialise the drive first, then erase it, and clone your mac drive using CCC or Superdooper and copy to the new drive, then install it in your mac, be sure to disconnect the battery first before swapping the ssd!


@fixitdude74 - With the newer macOS's CCC often makes a mess of things! Best to stick with Apples Migration Assistant it works quite well!


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There are adapters for M.2 (NVMe SSDs) to 12+16 pin (apple's connector). Just check that you get the right adapter, and you could plug in those blazing fast (and not so expensive) SSDs into your Mac.

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You can't use a PCIe/NVMe drive in a mSATA based system!


Dan, I am bored and have some time in my hands, I would like to try the upgrade. my mac is the MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5

which will be the adapter that I will need? will it be the same one as the one you posted above? thanks for your assistance.


I don't use M.2 adapters in my practice. I only use Apple OEM, or 3rd party SDD's by OWC or Transcend.

In my testing and seeing quite a few of these not working any more and having to replace the drive with the correct one, I don't recommend them.


no caso nos MacBooks 2015 funcionam sem problemas no 2013 e 2014 apresentam instabilidade


To use the samsung 970 EVO plus you will need the sintech adaptor(available through amazon), then get a NVMe M.2 enclosure that is compatible with apple (not all enclosures support apple), i chose ORICO TCM2-C3-SV, then used Superdooper to make a clone of my existing MacBook ssd.


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