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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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Only sound is playing?

When I switch on my tv the sound is playing perfectly however there is no picture coming on the screen. I have tried switching it on and off.

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Majid Abdul  if your TV is a LG 32CS560 then you want to go ahead and do a basic troubleshooting forst. You will need to remove the back of your TV and check the boards for obvious damage like burned, chared components or domed, leaky capacitors. Pay particular attention to your power board and the main board. Start with the flowchart

Block Image

Test the output of the power board to the backlight LED’s, check the connection between power board and main board, and check the fuse on your T-con board for continuity as well as power. Let us know what you get.

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Please verify the model number of the set. Also, use a flashlight at an angle toward the screen. Do you see the expected picture there? If so, then the problem is that the back light has failed. This can be due to a number of different problems. The model number will help to narrow down the possibilities. Also, please post a few photos of the board inside the set. This will help to guide you through the next steps.


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