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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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PS4 CUH-1216D no power after Power Supply Swap

Hi so a few days ago I asked here how to fix the PS4 that won't turn on, you guys were super helpful and told me that the easiest way was to replace the PSU and so I did. I ordered one from a place that offers 2 years of warranty and it came in this Wednesday. I had prepared the PS4 so I would only have to connect the new PSU and test it. So I plugged everything in and drum roll....nothing. So I hope you can help me decide my next step. I would really like to fix my PS4.

I tried multiple power cords.

I tried changing the HDD.

Update (06/23/2018)

It turns out that the ps4 got high tension and a chip was busted on the motherboard. I imagine it was during a storm.

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You're 100% sure it's plugged in fully with a good power cord?


Hi there! Yes I tried with my working ps4's cord and with my ps3 's cord none of them worked. No power at all not with eject button not with power button and also tried to put a Blu ray in to se if that activates the console but nothing.


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not powering on can be far too many things to just instantly diagnose.

before going any further, run a diagnostic on your PSU.

If you dont have a Multimeter to run the above test, i would suggest either getting one, and learning to use it, or looking to a professional to do your electronics repairs.

If you get the proper voltage output in your PSU after the above tests, then your PSU is fine. At this point, plug it in to the board, and check that it is making a connection to the board at the point of the 5V leads. The 5V connector is what powers the LEDs and the buttons.

anything further than this, is likely a board level failure, and you will need to either run full board diagnosis (many hours of labour), or replace the logic board. If you replace the logic board in the PS4, you will also need to replace the PCB in the optical drive, as serials ar married.

i hope this helps.

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My PSU is an ADP-200ER (4 pin) not a ADP-240AR like the one in the video.


then you should get the same reading, only it will begin a slow discharged immediately.


Yes that's what it gave me 12V and went down slowly down so the psu is good. I will disassemble the console to see.


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