Is there a ready made adhesive for the Gear 2 LCD display assembly?

Greetings to all,

I have a Samsung Gear 2 (SM-R380) and I had to replace the battery in it due to the old battery bulging and lifting the LCD assembly away from the metal frame. I disassembled the Gear 2 easy enough but I noticed that the LCD asssembly is mated to the metal frame by some adhesive. This is either a specialized adhesive sticker ring or some sort of liquid adhesive that is applied to the metal frame and the LCD assembly between a flat rubber ring (or maybe the ring is double sided adhesive). At any rate, since the LCD has been lifted away from the metal frame the adhesive has lost its sticking ability completely on one side of the frame. So even if I replace the battery, the LCD will be popping out of the metal frame housing when I re-assemble it.

Does anyone know how to remedy this? Is there a ready made kit for the adhesive? Is there a product to use in lieu of the factory adhesive?

I appreciate any and all assistance with this issue.



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