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Manufactured by Sony, the ZS-RS60BT is radio-enabled boombox. The device’s top-loading CD-player, USB port, and Bluetooth 2.1 compatibility enables the user to stream or play music from a variety of sources.

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My CD won’t play it just says Reading

I played two cds on it and when I put the third it stopped working when I put a Cd in it Just says reading

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It would seem unless the CD is brand spanking new it won't play correctly... Heat may be a problem too, who knows? PITA.


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I had the same problem. When I put a CD in, it kept saying “reading”. Without taking whole thing apart, I just push (gently) the laser reader to the very left end. It is working now!!!

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Otis Chen's solution also worked on my case. Thank you.


It worked for me two thank u so much!!


Also worked for me - if only people knew this secret. Imagine how many people have thrown away their Sony Model No. ZS-RS60BT !! Wow - thanks


Thank you Otis Chen!!!


This worked for me,too.Just push a little and softly.


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Kenny lodeon you were of course only playing one CD at a time and removed it before playing another one. Right? This sounds like a dirty laser assembly. You can try one of the commercially available laser lens cleaners (available in most stores). If that does not work you will have to possibly disassemble it and clean the assembly with a microfiber cloth. Ultimately you may have to replace the laser lens assembly Difficulty with all this is that there are no disassembly guides just yet nor are parts readily available.

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I have had 2 of these units both stopped playing cds the last one was out of warranty. If you take all the screwa out and open it up you can get hold of the slide for the laser reader and move it back and forth a few times, it should start playing again


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Using a glasses cloth just moving the lens reader arm back and fourth gently (no need to unscrew for access) got the CD player to work again.

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