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A bluetooth and wifi-capable AM/FM radio speaker.

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Where can I find the clips that connect speakers to board?

I was tinkering around with my speaker and lost the clips that connect the speakers and sub to the main board. very is fix, just not sure where to find the clips to purchase.

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Here is a link to the repair manual:

I'm not sure what you mean by the "clips", but on pages 33-37 provides the exploded views of each section and provides part numbers of the individual parts. Find the part number for the "clips", and then start with a google search. If you come back and post the part number in the comments, I'll see if I can help locate it.

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On page 34 & 35. It’s the speaker wires leaving the sub & full range speakers. The two full ranger speakers go to a single clip & connect to the main board. The sub has its own clip that connects to the board. (I’m calling them clips because i don’t know the name)


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