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The sixth generation Grand Prix, a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Pontiac, a division of GM. Sold in both coupe and sedan configurations.

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The left tail light won’t work

The left middle socket tail light won’t work. The brake light and turn signal in the same socket work perfectly.

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I'm assuming you swapped the bulbs and they work unless they're in that one socket.

I have no idea if this will help, but I went nuts replacing bulbs on a VW Passat until I pulled out the plastic socket for that corner. It worked kind of like a flashlight socket: ( Turns out one of the metal contacts had somehow flattened, and it was making such light contact that it oxidized a bit, so I had to bend it outwards AND sand it a bit. It worked fine after that.

If that doesn't work, it's probably a wiring issue, which will likely be a pain to trace. So check the contacts that you can reach near the bulb itself.


It’s got me confused. The buld works because the turn signal and brake light work?


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You have a short somewhere in your wire to the light bulb. Your Manual will have a diagram for all the wiring. Find the wire going to that bulb and fix it. Don’t forget to check your fuses as well it could be as simple as that.

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Yea I’m afraid it’s a short. The other side works fine.


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