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Questa pagina raccoglie guide per la riparazione, consigli e trucchi per quanti riguarda il Huawei Honor 9, rilasciato nel giugno 2017.

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How can I send files via bluetooth to windows 7 machine?

My phone is paired successfully, but sending files to PC fails.

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Most fones have connection type as a setting. Either charge or data. Never both.

Some winders ask (is this your first time?) charge or data ? My old XP auto-magically started file manager when set to data. Of course, some devices simply sit there, happily charging, with no error message about your data transfer.

Before we go further, does it work like this using a USB connection ?

Bluetooth however, must rely on software to establish connectivity, then determine its function. Windows might assume it is an output device, unless configured otherwise. How does it show up in DeviceManager. Is it a Audio device ? or a Storage device ? Does it need a special device-driver? What is the device?

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The phone is Huawei Honor 9, works fine via USB. As a Bluetooth device it exposes services as follows:

- Advanced Audio;

- Handsfree Telephony Gateway;

- Headset Audio Gateway;

- NearbyServerSocket;

- Remotely Controllable Device;

- Unknown Service;

- Unknown Service;

- Unknown Service;

- Unknown Service;

The device status is: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). Windows finds no driver updates.


- NearbyServerSocket; <---- TCP/IP service number ??? Like FTP ???

- Remotely Controllable Device; <--- low-level I/O would need a Driver.

I'm just guessing on this terminology.... but, the device status is: null, which generally means you will not see error messages for this device.

Apparently, you will need a win7 device driver, or maybe a background task to provide the pipe-line for data transfer. By default, Win security prevents all file xfers.

There is a ton of web info.... Google: android file transfer via bluetooth

Linux uses a program "blueman".... I think Win7 will need the same thing.


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HELP! Windows Guru needed !

This problem suddenly went from SmartPhone ---> Windows.

I think the problem is on the Windows end, with something I cannot replicate. ( I'm Linux).

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