Can I replace my existing K53E motherboard with K53SV motherboard?

Hello, I bought a Asus k53e used off of kijiji a while ago. I have tried gaming on this laptop, and it wasn't really good enough for me because it had intel graphics. I have been doing research on this model, and it turns out there is an motherboard with nvidia graphics on it.

I would like to get the motherboard with the 630m 2gb, but is it worth it the performance difference compared to the 540m? The k53sv motherboard is around 50cad with the 540m. The one with the 630m is almost 100$. However the 630m 102% better than the intel graphics. The 540m is only 78% better. I will be overclocking the gpu. And i will be getting a cooling pad for gaming as well. I've seen videos of the 540m once overclocked, runs bf3 at 45-60fps on ultra.

The following is the specs of the motherboard, and the cpu i'm also going to be buying for it.

-K53SV motherboard Rev 3.0

-I5 2450m (From an I3 2350m)

-Nvidia gt 540m 2GB (I have the Intel hd 3000 currently.)

Will the motherboard be compatiable with the k53e? The ports look the same so I would think it would work.

Thank you.

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