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This page will help you diagnose specific problems with a Lenovo Edge Thinkpad E431. Although recently released by Lenovo in 2013, please note that this version has been discontinued.

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Why is my laptop not turning on, whats the issue?

My laptop was in my suitcase while i was travelling and after i took it out and charged it. The laptop display does not turn on. I have tried to press the power button to turn it off and turn it on again, but it still does not turn on.

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Hi There,

The solution I found for my Laptop. One of my memory modules was not working.

The fix was to find the faulty Ram module and or replace both sticks.


1- Disconnect the power.

2- Turn the Laptop over.

3- Remove all the screw and pry open the back polycarbonate backing.

4- If you have 2 sticks of Ram remove 1 (to eliminate the one stick of Ram from being defective)

4a -Turn laptop over. Try rebooting.

4b - If that does not work, swap Ram and Try Rebooting.

I found one of the memory modules (Hynix Brand) had failed.

I replaced with 2 X 8GB Sticks of Ram and the Laptop works great.

Good luck

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