Proximity sensor diagnose [Moto X2]


I received a Moto X2 from my aunt, because it was broken and she didn't want it anymore. The only problem it had (apparently) is that the screen was shattered. So I ordered a replacement, and repaired it myself.

After a week of using it, the proximity sensor started misbehaving. It would be permanently on 0 cm, and it turned the phone really annoying to use (I couldn't end the calls) so I opened it, checked everything and assembled it again. While doing this last part, I bent the digitizer and turned the touchscreen in a normal screen.

Now I have enough money to buy another replacement, but I don't want to buy it if the proximity sensor won't work, so I'm trying to find any way in which I can run a diagnose on the phone to check they're working.

I know this is possible because I've seen the official tech support giving a printed sheet with said diagnose.

My question is: Does anyone here know which software is it? Can I download it? Do you know another alternative to test the proximity sensor (being the phone's touch screen broken?

Btw, I have ADB disabled, and can't turn it on either.

Thank you very much, and sorry for the long question.

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In most cases if you send the phone to them (or give it at a local store), they open up your phone and run all sorts of tests with it and then give you a diagnose sheet.

Tech Support can also have their own software for diagnosing it remotely (with your permission only of course). Which in that case you won't be able to download it.

You could try to contact Tech Support yourself and see if they can do anything for you

Also long questions are fine, the more detail the better we can assist you in your problem :3


Thank you for your answer. The problem I have with the official tech support is that they're really incompetent (and expensive, since my phone is out of warranty). I had a lot of problems with them and my girlfriend's defective moto g4.

I'll keep investigating, and if I can't find a way to do it myself, I'll have to take the phone to an unofficial support.


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