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La Golf MK5 venne introdotta in Europa nell'autunno del 2003, raggiungendo il mercato inglese all'inizio del 2004. In Nord America, la Volkswagen ripropose il nome Rabbit quando introdusse il veicolo nel 2006.

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My RPM is crazy high

Hi i just bought myself a 2007 Volkswagen Golf city 2.0 5 speed manual and well first thing i noticed was my RPM was insanely high for example i would be driving at 120km/h 75mph and my rpm would be at 4000 in fifh! Anyways i was wondering if there anything i can do to bring down my rpm or if the car is just made like that

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The 5 speed manual transmission on the Golf 5 has a pretty close gear ratio which means the rpm's are pretty high at higher speeds. What engine do you have in your car (Diesel or Petrol, how many KW?)?

Do you only have the seemingly high rpm's when accelerating or also when cruising? If you would only have the problem when accelerating then it could also be a slipping clutch.

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4000 RPM'S is not good on your engine if it was an automatic I would be concerned about it not shifting gears as a manual I wonder if your transmission is actually shifting as it should

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I have this issue but my car is automatic and at 80 it’s rpms are at 4000!!! Help me,

It’s a 2003 Volkswagen gls 2.0 automatic it was fine until today. I flushed all the fluid and put new stuff in. Do you think we put the wrong stuff in I asked the guy at the store and he said he was 100% sure but like I can’t afford to fix this cars transmission


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