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Based on the third generation Legacy, the Outback became its own model and the Legacy SUS remained unique to North America, and was realigned with the Outback Limited package, offering the sedan, with an optional horizontal six-cylinder engine, also optional on the wagon.

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Do I have to use Subaru parts

I have recently swindled into buying a Subaru Outback and the man said that he had done all these relairs on the car. I bought the car but the repair receipt was forged. I am now trying to piece this car together but I keep getting told I have to use Subaru parts from the factory. Do all the parts need to come from the factory or can I use offbrand valve cover gaskets and fuel pumps?

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No, you do not need to use genuine parts. That is a myth. Aftermarket parts are just as good if not better than genuine parts. However in saying that, stay away from anything that comes that looks cheap.This example is something I would buy, due to the fact that the money is OK and it comes with all the necessary parts.

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Alright thanks. I already had this mechanic shop charge me $700 for a cadalitic converter so it’s nice to know I can fix some of this on my own.


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