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This Samsung Tablet was first released in May 2015 and can be identified by its 9.7 inch diagonal screen. The model number of the device is “SM - T550.”

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How to prevent 7.7.1 software update from happening

i have yet another problem with this freaking tablet (sm-p550, with s pen). it installed the update i didn't want by itself!! i successfully downgraded the os last week thanks to a member but now it continues to bug me about the stupid update! AND that update installs itself if allowed to shut off completely! i wasn't able to be around as i had to do laundry. how do i prevent the stupid update from happening and keep it from annoying me to install it?

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On Samsung Experience, you should be able to go to Settings --> Software Update, and set it to manual. This will stop it from bugging you or automatically bugging you.

You may need to first go into Settings --> Applications and find the updated and clear data/force stop.

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it doesn't say Samsung experience in ver. 6.1.1, it only says android ver., and it wont allow me to force stop the software update app/clear data.


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