LCD Backlight not functioning, video works.

My late 2013 iMac 27" LCD backlight stopped functioning. Two weeks ago I installed both memory and a 2T SSD. All were functioning properly until today (used daily). I am currently using the computer through airplay on a separate monitor. I believe that would indicate that the hard drive, memory and logic board are functioning properly. I have reset PRAM/NVRAM and power management. In all conditions and restarts I am able to see video on the screen (with external light) but there is no backlight. (not even a dim glow) What do I need to do to fix this computer?

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I have the same issue. Just replaced the power supply, and now I have very dim screen, however external screen is just working fine. Reinserted the LCD cables, no difference. I can see the login screen with flashlight, increasing brightness doesn't affect at all.


Have you tried plugging in an external display to see if that works?


Check your display cables, make sure the connectors are good, cable hasn't been pinched, etc. Check the connectors on the logic board, make sure there's no damage to them. The issue I commonly see with home repairs is the port on the board getting messed up due to pulling the screen too far forward when removing it.

If that's all fine, locate fuse F8100 on the logic board, and check it with a multi meter. It should have a reading of 0 to 1 ohms. If it doesn't, then the backlight fuse is blown and you're looking at a replacement logic board or a component level repair.


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