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Not charging even after replacing power jack


My laptop had stopped charging although it was originally still recognizing the charger. The battery eventually drained completely and the laptop has never turned on from that point.

I believe I may have caused this issue as I had a power adapter that had gone bad (frayed wire) and I believe that to have caused a short somewhere in the laptop. I do have several chargers as my family owns several zenbooks in the same line and their chargers are identical. After the faulty charger caused the issue, other power adapters did not work either.

I brought the laptop to a professional to replace the power jack thinking that may fix the issue and now the laptop no longer recognizes any power connection at all. The bios has been reset and power up attempts have been made with the battery disconnected/re-connected. I also tried removing ram though some memory is still embedded into the board. A hard reset was attempted as well by holding the power button down for 30+ seconds. No luck :x

Are there other areas here I should be checking to troubleshoot? I would prefer not to have to replace the mother board here as they are rather expensive to replace for this model.

In doing some digging online I’ve read some Asus laptops have a “power chip” that could fry and keep a laptop from recognizing a charger, does this model contain a similar chip that could be causing this issue?

Open to any suggestions that may bring my laptop back to life

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I have a related question, so I’ll post it here. Recently my Asus UX303LB seems to be not charging while running. If it’s switched down, it charges properly. If it’s powered up and demanding enough current (like using the graphics card), the battery drains out. I also noticed that the charging led blinks in that situation.

I’m getting a new charger to start ruling out what’s wrong. If that doesn’t solve the issue: what should do next?

- Get a new battery?

- Change the mosfets?

And another question, shouldn’t be the charger providing enough power to keep the laptop powered up?



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Hi, I have a ux303ln and has just replaced the first mosfet qm3024m(shorted) in the dc-in Line after the power Jack. There are 2 mosfets togethers and I will think one or both of them doesn’t work proberly.

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Thank you!! I will give it a shot. Where did you purchase the mosfets? Also - did you notice any physical damage to them? Or was your logic to start replacing items from the dc jack in??


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Where did you purchase the mosfets?

Aliexpress, I know ;o) but fakes are every where even at mouser, but until now all have been working from ali... Maybe your mosfets name are different, but I doubt.

No physical damage to them, but the ux303ln was water damaged and it was obviously around the mosfets. The only problem I have now, is that a tiny smd capacitor between the mosfets was shorted and destroyed and I can`t find a schematic there shows its value...but maybe I should make a another thread in here with that problem and hope somebody know ;o)

The ux303ln works fine with charger, but wouldn`t charge the battery and these qm3024m are in the battery charging area...

I have repair another Asus laptops, also deaths ones and often the problem have been the first mosfet after the jack in dc line. The culprit is, that they often is placed on the backside of the motherboard...

Mine mosfet was shorted inside(connection from drain to source) and the 2 black mosfets are placed here(the red areas are the 2 shorted components) and I used a hot air solder station, with 6mm nozzleto unsolder and solder:

Block Image

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this is 5 mm or 3 THANK YOU


mosfets size :)


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