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Support for gas-powered and electric golf carts, sometimes referred to as golf cars or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand.

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Motor spits sputters for a few minutes then takes off

Older yamaha gas golf cart spits and sputters for a few minutes then will take off.

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@merri could be a carb or fuel delivery situation. what have you checked?


New fuel filter,air filter,adjusted the carb,adjusted the choke cable,added some mechanic in a bottle which seemed to help for a little bit,new battery which also helped for a short period, New spark plug


You might want to pull your carb apart and give it a real good clean out. Try blowing out the ports also with either an air gun or air can.


Smart, that happened to my car while i was starting it, i dont have any time to take it to the repair shop.


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Could be some water in the gas. Water is heavier than gas and goes to the bottom of the tank. If you cart sits for a while with gas in it it can loose some of its volatility. Airplanes have drain valves on the bottom of the wing tanks . When doing a pre-flight you use a glass or clear tube (looks like a pill bottle to press it up against that value to open it and the water contamination drains out. Usually you will get a couple of table spoons full. So when storing your cart for any length of time it is best to either run the tank dry or drain it. Same thing happens on lawn mowers, especially after sitting over winter time.

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I will give it a try thanks


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use premium fuel and don’t leave cart half empty. Always keep topped up

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empty tanks attract moisture


empty tanks attract moisture which accumulates in bottom of tank and just stays there even when you add fresh gas in addition dry gas additive will not always get it out completely ....fix is empty tank completely start with premium gas that contains no alcohol...... that is the culprit that attracts and holds moisture............Bill the engine guy


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Had same problem, and slowly went to a no start at all, new carb got it running. Checked fuel pump, adjusted valves, brand new coil and plug.

with new carb it still does it. I agree with water in fuel. I also put product in and it helped for a bit, guessing the product is heavier than gas as well as water. Drain and use non ethanol, maybe some sea foam? That’s my next move.

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