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Repair guides for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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All of a sudden my monitor turn white ish!

*I have a windows xp professional COMPAQ !!!

I was on the computer then all of a sudden the screen turned off for a second and when it came back on it was white ish i can still see whats on the screen its just hard to read it has like this layer of white over it ... i tried to google it but no luck ... it also has really faint lines in it maybe 10 going horizontal i ran a scan but nothing idk what it is so can some one help me please !!

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it is not the computer problem..that is a screen problem. either inverter problem or main board problem but since you still see the image on the screen display, that mean inverter board is faulty. sometimes it is just a fuse on that board that is faulty no allowing the 12 volts to get the inverter IC.


my scrren goes half wight automicall sometime and shking and it automically goes normal is this any virus or motherboard problem or disply can i fix this problem plz hurry reply


For me it only happens with the Washington Post"??


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The easiest way to figure out if this is a hardware problem or a software problem is to have you restart your computer in safe mode.

Restart you computer as it is booting up keep hitting the F8 key. This will bring you to a boot menu. Select start in safe mode. In safe mode windows will use a generic video driver. If it is software/driver related you won't have this problem. If it is a problem with your monitor you will.

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Thanks .... it lets me go into safe mode what am i suppose to do while im in safe mode or is it just a test to figure out whats wrong ?!?


It is just a test to see what is wrong. Is your picture still white-ish and do you still have the lines on the screen? Please tell me what you see you are my eyes.


i just went into safe mode "networking" and logged into my account i didn't do anything while i was on there ... and yes it is still the same its like a layer of fog or something and the lines are very very faint you can only see then on dark backgrounds !!


everything is white ish as soon as you turn it on its not just one page ?!?


To confirm my thoughts I would attach another monitor to your computer. I believe you have some transistors or an IC that went on in your monitor since you mention horizontal lines along with the white-ish color. I really doubt if it is the computers video card. But attaching another monitor will confirm that. I would recommend replacement vs repair as the price of monitors is coming and the repair could cost you close to the price of replacement.


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Lookup BRITEC on U Tube he is for my money The Best Computer Repair Guy On The Net

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To Olivia’s Mom

You are  welcome, it is not nice when you get a virus furthermore I had just this is a great PC its never gone wrong and I had no sooner said that when bang I was infected never take anything for granted, but if anyone can help you Britec will his name is Brian he also has a forum where you can join for free and ask questions he also recommends Free Software which he tries out first before he recommends it to anybody he is an Expert in my opinion.

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