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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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How can I tighten the hinges on this model?


I know how to tighten the hinges on MacBook Pros but I'm not seeing many options when i tore this one apart. It looks like tiny rivets that hold the hinges together, But if you know anything about these, I would greatly appreciate the help.



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I think you can only replace the full display assembly. The hinge appears to be press-fitted into the lid.

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Correct, it's part of the aluminium lid assembly, no way of tightening or changing. Unfortunately it's a common fault for the screen on this model to fall back due to the hinges failing, can only replace the full assembly to fix this.


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I managed to fix this.

The steal hinge axle loosened up the hole in which it is embedded in the soft aluminium casing.

I carefully pulled the 1cm grooved axle of the hinge out of the lid with pliers, cleaned, applied some glue, pressed it back (under the same angle as it was) and removed any excess glue

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well.. i wish you can make a video or upload any link cos its a hassle to understand what and how to do so....sorry for that really


Doesn't applying glue then make the hinge rigid and not allow closing the lid?


I have just completed repairs on a 2016 MacBook 12" unit for this issue. The above fix will work fine, but make sure you use the strongest epoxy "2-pot" mix you can find. The hinges will work as normal after the fix, as it is the centre spindle you are gluing to its mount, leaving the hinge mechanism to work as normal. Apple used a grooved spline on the stainless steal spindle, which was a push-fit insert into an aluminium mount (which is softer and degrades over time in terms of fit). Make sure you glue the hinges in the same position each side in terms of angle, and in a way that allows the screen to fully open. The spindle is notched, so it is not hard to get the two hinges aligned properly. A Youtube video is available here in terms of how to glue.


Video is private


Just did this, the steel hinge assembly pulls out of the aluminum LCD body without too much force (its already loose) Spindle and the hole it presses into has lot of black aluminum dust/dirt. Be sure to clean these as best as you can. Super delicate LCD screen is nearby. Maybe tape a cover over the LCD while cleaning out the gunk in the hole.

Also the comment about don't worry that spindle will index in. Its misleading as it can index into multiple possible angles. Assembled mine and found out screen doesn't tilt back far enough so had to pull the spindle out after epoxy had set for 1/2 day+. Not fun, had to clamp the spindle in a vice (the 3 screw hole part) and small rubber mallet to tap the screen out. Of course quite dangerous to the LCD doing this. Was able to put spindle back in without more epoxy since epoxy just filled the void and made it tighter. Perhaps not as tight as I first had it but much better in any case decided to stop while I was ahead.

So before pulling out the spindle, rotate them as far as it will go to the stop and mark the angle (maybe a little perm marker mark on the edge of the screen and make sure put it back in the same way.

Epoxying can get messy so maybe good protection is to tape up all the surfaces. Epoxy will get on your fingers, table and MB!


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