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Powerful HP Entertainment Laptop

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My screen show irregular discolored vertical stripes?

The screen shows a set of red stripes, vertically (top-bottom).

Do i need to buy a new motherboard....

check out the printscreen...

( I hope that the printscreen is showing )

other whise i have this link: image

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If it does this before Windows loads 90% chance your LCD is failing. To check this hook it up to an external monitor and switch your video to that monitor. If you can't see any lines on that one, it is your LCD. You will need to replace it or use the external monitor. If you have lines on the external monitor. It is either the video chip or your video drivers are corrupt. You will need to do a clean install of the drivers to figure out which it is. To do this: Make sure you have a copy of your video drivers before you do this. Go to your Device Manager and uninstall both your display adapter and monitor. Restart your computer. Load your drivers and restart your laptop. If the lines are gone you have solved your problem.

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+ I agree wholeheartedly.


Thank you for your prompt response

I've tried what you suggested me to do.

I can not get the external monitor to work out the laptop.

as soon as the laptop starts, I see them linear rows.

how can I replace the video chip, Do i need to buy a new motherboard.

another thing is that my fans will be wery threat, it may be one of the problem.


To switch to the external monitor press both the fn and the f4 keys at same time. Please try again to use an external monitor.

If the video chip is bad you will need to replace the motherboard.



I see the lines on the external monitor to.

Do you now a good company that ship to sweden.. :)

I need to buy a new motherboard


The most economical solution I can think of would be to part yours out, sell the lcd, motherboard(yes someone will buy it), etc.. separately on somewhere like eBay. Buy yourself another laptop and offset the price with the fore mentioned. If that isn't feasible then try to buy a parts laptop with a broken lcd on somewhere like eBay. You will get your motherboard cheaper that way than purchasing a motherboard out right.


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It is the video chip overheating. This is a known problem with this laptop gpu. Check for a bios update. Use the HP nvidia driver only (it has been tuned for the nvidia 5600). You may need to break the laptop down and replace thermal putty and clean the dust bunnies. This isnt a hp only problem. lenovo and apple have the same issue with many of their laptops containing this chip along with the 6000 nividia series chip.

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