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Introduced in September 2004 and replaced with a version in 2010. The following model numbers apply: ZA11S, ZC71S, ZC11S, ZD11S, ZC21S, ZD21S, ZC31S.

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Why is my ABS and hand brake light on all the time? RESOLVED

Hi guys I would appreciate your help. I have a suzuki swift ZC31.the ABS and hand brake light is on all the time . How do I fix that?

Update (03/12/2018)

Apparently the ABS module had failed.And was swapped out with a junkyard replacement.

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My breaks ar light weight


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I had the same problem. I purchased a used ABS pump from a scrapyard and it solved the problem.
Use your smartphone to photograph the labels and numbers from the failed pump, to ensure that you get the right part.

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