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LCD screen is buzzing after tighten loose screws at both clutch hinges


I replaced lower case in my MBP A1211 and decided to tighten the loose clutch hinges.

After assembling everything works fine, but this buzzing starts up. It happens after a while and stops if I bend screen back or if I lower the brightness to 0.

I'm guessing I destroyed one of cables. If yes - which one it will be and do I need to replace or I can repair it?

Thank you for help.

Update (05/22/2018)

So I have replaced one by one: Inverter cable, then LCD display cable and now I've replaced the inverter. I've also tried putting it in another A1211 to check if its logic board was at fault, it's not. Buzzing persists!!

Any other advice on what I can do? I've run out of ideas. Please

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Sounds like you still have something loose inside. Check your inverter board and the cable connections.

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Inverter was holding tight. I wonder if I accidentally destroyed one of the cables by tightening those clutch screws. Also left fun is only attached by two screws instead of three but I don't think its the problem.

Thx for fast reaction.


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