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Model A1224 / Mid 2009 / 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo processor / Education only model

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What did I break? LCD fuzzy and green, buzzing.

I was attempting to replace the hard drive on this mac with an ssd. Everything was going great till tried to turn the thing on without plugging in a cable all the way, the lcd was fuzzy and off color.

I shut down, unplugged power and then double checked all connections. This is when I found the unplugged cable near the top right on the screen that I had forgotten to plug back in before turning it on. I hooked everything back up correctly this time but the screen still looks bad and there is a buzzing coming from somewhere. Not loud, sort of a hiss/buzz combo. I've tried several times making sure connections are good but no dice.

Am I screwed? What did I break? Can it be replaced?

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Check the teeth of the cables coming off of the LCD that hook into the logic board, along with the port itself. If either are damaged, replace. If it's the port on the logic board, you're looking at a new logic board or a component level repair involving some de and resoldering.


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Hey Christopher

Check your LCD's display connections. When you replaced them at least on this model they should click back into place. If you had ran the Mac when the cable wasn't correctly plugged in, you may have shorted the Logic Board. Apple has discontinued support on this model so if you need a new Logic Board you'll need to head to iFixit, or eBay

Check that there is not corrosion, or ashy looking colors on the copper connectors. If the Mac is making a buzzing/hissing noise DO NOT TURN IT ON!! This is never a good sign, usually this means an electrical issue and the Mac can begin to smoke and catch fire.

First before working on the Mac unplug the main power cable on the back of the Mac, and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to drain any power that may be sitting inside the system. Then recheck every cable you had disconnected and check for abnormal connectors on your display.

Good Luck!

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