Purchased a new screen cable and now monitor is 1280x720 only.

I opened up my iMac to replace the HDD with an SDD. I damaged the screen cable trying to plug it back in. I purchased another screen cable, but now I only have the option for 1280x720 (720p image stretches to fill 1440p so it looks almost 8bit). 2560x1440 works fine on my external monitor.

I've tried reseting the PRAM and reinstalling OSX

Tried both of these replacement cables (same result with both):



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To be clear here you replaced the display assembly and the cable (twice)?


I've only replaced the screen cable I linked. I slightly bent one of the connectors when plugging it back in. The screen didn't work at all until getting the new cable.

The screen itself seems to be fine. It worked once when I tested the SSD. After resealing the iMac I realized the cable got damaged.


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