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Lanciato a giugno 2012 / processore Core i7 con Turbo Boost / Fino a 1 GB di RAM Video DDR5

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MacBook Pro Blackscreen after Bootcamp Installation

Hi everyone, please have a look:

Running the latest version of OS-X (updated then time machined before running BootCamp Assistant) on my 2012 MacBook Pro 15"

What I did:

  1. Made sure all the latest (pending) apple system updates were installed
  2. Formatted ext HD then created a fresh Time Machine disk
  3. Formatted My MAC
  4. Reinstalled OS X from BootCamp
  5. Formatted USB thumb drive
  6. Created Windows 10 Installer & partitioned drive using BootCamp Assistant
  7. Installed Win 10 under BootCamp
  8. Installed Chrome in Windows
  9. Began installing Malware Bytes in Windows while simultaneously downloading Bit Defender

What I expected to happen:

  1. Continue my initial Windows setup and configuration
  2. go to bed

What happened instead:

1) Without warning the screen went black.

NOTE: I saw a notification come up during this process saying that my Nvidia drivers were now game ready or something, however I was using Windows for at least another 10 - 15 minuets Before the screen when black.

2) Computer still boots up and I hear the wrong key beep (?) when feeling around (see below)

What troubleshooting have I attempted?:

  1. Reboot
  2. PRAM reset
  3. SMC Reset
  4. Connecting the MagSafe charger
  5. Holding option during boot up, then blindly trying to login to windows and OS X, to try adjusting the screen brightness

What results have I seen from my Troubleshooting? (Corresponds to previous section)

  1. nothing.. it boots black
  2. nothing.. it boots black
  3. MagSafe changed color briefly
  4. The first time I attached the MagSafe the screen came back then disappeared. (Estimate less than a minute)
  5. The aforementioned beeping noises when touching non F# keys... and still nothing

Addition Info

Someone on another site said that I have a bad Nvidia driver... I don’t know what that means exactly nor can I imagine how to begin to fix it when I can’t see anything. (Tried asking the person but they aren’t replying)

  • Were they correct?
  • If yes what do I do?
  • If no what could the problem be?

I would be grateful for any help that you can provide...

Thank you

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This is a great question. you include details, what you tried, process/order you did it in. good job. (usually question like "my phone is not working how do I fix it" with no details come in.)


Ah well. It’s mid 2012 bought 2nd hand in 2014, so its had a good run. RIP MBP


Thanks Aiden. In a past life I was technical support.


This is not answered, please change status


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When I hear in the same sentence Macbook Pro i7 and black screen my mind goes straight to fried discrete Gpu, but I hope this is not the case.

Drivers get loaded during booting process, do not just get stuck into the Gpu, thus the bad driver idea can probably be discarded for good.

Try booting keeping the Alt key pressed..that should take you to the window listing boot partitions available. If you get your screen back it's probably just a software issue.

In case the screen stays black try shining a strong light to the screen and try to see if you got an image but no backlight. In case it's not a backlight issue try opening the mac and with care and battery disconnected try reseating the Lcd connector and check if you see signs of burns on connector or logic board. If none of these change the situation try reporting back, hopefully someone's got further ideas but I would vote for a dead Gpu in that case.

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I went out and bought a thunderbolt adaptor and connected it to my tv. It works beautifully on there for all partitions but when I go into the display settings in either it doesn’t see the built in screen


Too we know for sure it's not a software problem.


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For my MBPR 2012 just connect a secondary screen with HDMI and Windows 10 is there on the secondary screen. Then >> Setting->Display->Change brightness for the built-in display (higher)

Then the built-in display is working now

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This worked for me! I think this is the second time this issue has occurred in bootcamp.


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