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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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White screen with grey borders. I can hear the Mac running.

Hi all,

My Mac's display is completely white with a sort of greyish border, see image attached.

Block Image

Has anybody ever come across this issue with the display on a MacBook retina 2015?

I can hear it running in the background, makes sounds & responds to keyboard shortcuts etc.

I've done all the usual smc reset etc to no avail.

I've ordered a USB-C to HDMI adapter so I can test it on my TV.

Until that arrives, any ideas?!

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Are you able to see your desktop on an external monitor?


yes external monitor works


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Hi, I just go an external monitor cable today and yep it's working on external monitor.

I'm going to order a new display assembly.

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So you had to get a new display assembly? How much did this cost you, where'd you order it and did you do it yourself?


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