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What app to download to get disk drive to work?

I have recently asked a few questions about my laptop that i just bought and it came with an android operating system. I am wondering what app to download so it will play disks or in my situation ..i can install windows cause i bought a windows disk but because it runs on android os it wont pick it up. It originally came with windows 8

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Download VLC. It is the best player out there if you want to stay on Android.

If you want to revert to Windows 8, you do NOT have to replace the drive.

What you need to do is get an 8gb thumb drive or larger, and make a bootable installer with the thumb drive. This requires a working Windows machine.

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If the androidx86 install did not clobber the recovery partition on your hard drive, you might be able to recover the original win 8 install by following these instructions....

It is fairly technical to do but don't blame me please. What has been done to your laptop did not really come with an easy way to reverse it. If you don't get the Asus splash screen at boot up, it probably will be impossible to recover the original reinstall partition without further heroics that I don't have any idea about.

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So i guess the hard drive has been replaced..everytime i have tried this the only option that pops up is "android 7.1.2" or "android 7.1.2 debug"... I even have the windows disk to install it...i downloaded what i was suppose to for the windows disk but it wont open the file.


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